4月 21th, 2014
I love choices.

I love to walk around in bookstores, not because I can buy all the books, but because I could buy one book, and I have so many to choose from.

I like buffets.I rarely get to go to them, but when I do, the first thing I do is walk around and see what the choices are.

I also like the Internet.It seems like cyberspace really doesn't have any limits. There are so many things to discover - like space.

Sometimes, I think we don't appreciate the freedom that we have.We are free to make many different choices, from the food we eat, to the places we visit, to the people we meet, to the classes we take and on and on and on.

But freedom has dangers. If misused, it can be harmful.I could pile a mountain of food on my plate and NOT eat it. It would be a waste. But that's a choice I have.

The Internet has dangers, too.If parents are not careful and don't supervise what their kids can see, well, kids can lose some of their innocence because of freedom.

There's a reason for legal age limits when it comes to driving, gambling, drinking, somking, and voting. Until we reach that age, we aren't free to do those things.車の運転、博打、飲酒、喫煙、選挙権について、年齢制限する理由がある。その年齢になるまで、それらの自由を与えられないのだ。







4月 15th, 2014
Faith begins by believing in your heart that what is right has a chance. Faith is knowing in your heart that good can overcome evil, that the sun can shine in a rainstorm.

Faith is peaceful and comforting, because it comes from within where no one can invade your private dreams.

Faith is not something you can demand or command; it is a result of commitment to belief.

Faith is believing in something you can't see or hear, something deep inside that only you understand and only you control.

Faith is trusting in yourself enough to know that no matter how things turn out, you will make the best of them.

To have faith when you cannot see; to be willing to work on in the dark; to be conscious of the fact that so long as you strive for the best, there are better things on the way, this in itself is success.




3月 22th, 2014
Promise Yourself Only the Best.
Promise yourself to dream more and hesitate less.
To believe in yourself more and judge yourself less by the accomplishments of others.
To appreciate your family and friends for all the wonderful ways they make your life better.
Promise yourself to accept life as it comes and truly make each day special.
To become more independent and more willing to change.
To fill your life with special times, and make your dreams come true.

There is so much I have not been, so much I have not seen.
I have not thought and have not done or felt enough?the early sun, rain and the seasonal delight of flocks of ducks and geese in flight, the mysteries of late-at-night.
I still need time to read a book, write poems, paint a picture, look at scenes and faces dear to me.
There is something more to be of value?something I should find within myself?as peace of mind, patience, grace and being kind.
I shall take and I shall give, while yet, there is so much to live for?rainbows, stars that gleam, the fields,the hills, the hope, the dream the truth that one must seek.
I'll stay here?treasure every day and love the world in my own way!


3月 14th, 2014
At least once a year, there are a lot of graduations.It's a time when a lot of people move on, from where they were, to another school or another class, or out into the real world.

To graduate means to take a step forward, to move onward and upward.I can remember my high school graduation, my graduation from university, and even my graduation from graduate school.Each of those graduations was nice. I took pictures, I got flowers, I hug my parents.I had mixed emotions about moving on. I wanted to stay and have more fun, but I also want to move on.

When we hear the word graduation, we naturally think of graduating from school. But I think it's possible to graduate from different places, or stages in life.

I worked in a company in New York for about three years. At one point I felt that I could not learn anything else from the company, or the people I was working with, that I had hit a ceiling, I felt that it was time to move on.

The way that I described as "moving on" is a graduation.Sometimes we are thrown out into the world or to the next level, whether we are ready or not.Other times we get to choose when we want to move on.I have experienced both.I prefer the second one, where I have a choice.

I like to choose when and how, but we don't always get what we want.Since we can learn from every experience that we have, each experience can be a stepping stone for us to be better people.I know that I take lessons with me every time I graduate, but sometimes I can be a slow learner.I wonder when my next graduation is going to be.私はいつ、どういう方法で進むことを選ぶことが好きだが、欲しいものをいつも手に入れるとは限らない。あらゆるの経験の中、学ぶものがある、我々はもっと素晴らしい人間になるために、それが次へ進む階段になってくれるでしょう。私は毎回の「卒業」から色々を学ぶが、時々学習能力がよくない。私の次の「卒業」はまたいつになるんだろう?



3月 2nd, 2014
Each spring brings a new blossom of wildflowers in the ditches along the highway I travel daily to work.

There is one particular blue flower that has always caught my eyes. I've noticed that it blooms only in the morning hours, the afternoon sun is too warm for it. Every day for approximately two weeks, I see those beautiful flowers.

This spring, I started a wildflower garden in our yard. I can look out of the kitchen window while doing the dishes and see the flowers. I've often thought that those lovely blue flowers from the ditch would look great in that bed alongside other wildflowers. Everyday I drove past the flowers thinking, "I'll stop on my way home and dig them." "Gee, I don't want to get my good clothes dirty..." Whatever the reason, I never stopped to dig them. My husband even gave me a folding shovel one year for my trunk to be used for that expressed purpose.

One day on my way home from work, I was saddened to see that the highway department had mowed the ditches and the pretty blue flowers were gone. I thought to myself, "Way to go, you waited too long. You should have done it when you first saw them blooming this spring."

A week ago we were shocked and saddened to learn that my oldest sister-in-law has a terminal brain tumor. She is 20 years older than my husband and unfortunately, because of age and distance, we haven't been as close as we all would have liked. I couldn't help but see the connection between the pretty blue flowers and the relationship between my husband's sister and us. I do believe that God has given us some time left to plant some wonderful memories that will bloom every year for us.

And yes, if I see the blue flowers again, you can bet I'll stop and transplant them to my wildflower garden.